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Your marriage is not working. If you are thinking about filing for a divorce, you need an attorney who can assist you in sorting through your oiptions in terms of:

1. What is the value of your marital property -- including your home, lake property, stocks and other securities in either joint accounts or any individual accounts that you started either before or after your marriage;

2. What is your marital debt?  We will need to review credit card and other debt obligations under both of your names, only your spouses' name or your name.  

3.   Are there minor children living with you?  Do you want sole or joint legal and physical custody of your children? 

4.   What is the current income earned by you and your spouse?

5.  Did either of you earn a college or vocational degree during your marriage?

6.  Which of you has medical insurance either through your employer or a private policy?

7.  Do you plan to remain living in Minnesota, or do you want to move to another state or country?  (The Family Court is charged with determing the 'best interest of the child' in ruling on which spouse should have primary legal and physical custody of minor children from the marriage.  Thus if one of the spouses wants to move to another state or country, and the other spouse plans to remain living in Minnesota, the judge will consider the preferences of the minor children in remaining in Minnesota. 


Call Attorney William Seeley at (612) 379-2440 to set up an initial free 30 minute consultation.  If you decide to retain me as your attorney, it will be necessary to enter into a Retainer Agreement to pay for additional legal services.