During the months of April – May, 2012, SEELEY LEGAL SERVICES is holding a “FAMILY ESTATE PLANNING PROMOTION.” For a limited time we are drastically discounting our fees for preparing simple wills and trusts. 

 The discounted fee for preparing one simple will is $299.  If you are married or in a partnership, the discounted fee for preparing two wills – one will for each spouse or partner is $499.  This is a big savings from our regular fee of $400/single will and $700 for two wills for both spouses or domestic partners.  All you have to do to take advantage of this special is to complete our ESTATE PLANNING GUIDE and return it with a check payable to SEELEY LEGAL SERVICES for the above quoted price.    

Based on the information which you provide us we will then prepare draft wills for you to review in our office.  In most cases it is possible for you to sign your wills on the same week that you come to our office.