Business Owner’s Best Friend

Running a business can be one of the most challenging tasks in life.  In addition to dealing with the fallout from the Great Recession, there are a number of issues that must be addressed: marketing, payroll, keeping expenses low, and maintaining good relationships with your clients, suppliers/buyers, and colleagues.

On top of all this, you must also meet the huge challenge of successfully navtigating the complex legal and regulatory landscape.  What is the most optimal business structure for your organzation?  What licenses/permits do you need for operation of your business?  How do you hire and or fire an employee without running afoul of the law?  What about overtime, vacation, benefits, and paid time off?  If your supplier sues you for breach of contract, what do you do?  Your landlord wants to unreasonably increase rent.  Is there anything you can do to stop him/her?

Having an experienced Minnesota business lawyer on your side can make a big difference.  If you are experincing any kind of legal issue involved in running your business, give us a call.

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