# 1 Complaint Against Lawyers

Clients’ # 1 complaint against the law firm they hired is that the law firm does not inform the client of what is going on with their case.  For some lawyers this is due to incompetence.  For others, it is due to the mentality that if everything is okay, there is no need to update the client.

Regardless of the reason, clients are often frustrated because unless they are regularly informed of what is going on with their case, they come to believe that the law firm is not doing anything or that the law firm does not care enough to inform the client.

At Seeley Legal Services, we operate on a different principle.  We regularly keep in touch with our clients because we know that they want to be informed at every stage; even if nothing is happening with their case.  Call Seeley Legal Services today and experience first-class client service at affordable rates.

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American Civil Justice System and “Tort Reform”

People talk about “ambulance chasers” and attorneys earning “easy money” by filing frivolous lawsuits.  These statements are based on a gross misconception of 1) how the American civil justice system actually works and 2) how difficult it is to prevail even in a case with a legitimate claim.

American civil justice system is adversarial, meaning that both sides have an opportunity to present evidence in support of their positions.  If a plaintiff has a  “frivolous” claim, in most situations, the case will not even make it in front of a jury.  In fact, plaintiffs’ attorneys weed out most, if not all, of the non-meritorious claims because they are paid on a contingency-basis (no recovery, no fee).  Thus, why would any rational attorney spend his or her money, time, and energy on a “frivolous” case when he or she knows, upfront, that if there is no recovery, there is no attorney’s fee?

In addition, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff.  The defense only has to create doubt, point out weaknesses and or inconsistencies – which is not very hard to do given the fact that most of the evidence is presented by live witness testimony and as many studies have shown, human beings are prone to err when it comes to recollecting an event accurately, especially if the incident happened several years ago.

The truth is that there are many more plaintiffs with legitimate claims who are not compensated than a plaintiff who wins a jury verdict jackpot with a frivolous lawsuit.  Next time you hear someone mention “ambulance chasers” or “Tort  Reform,” ask that person how many times he or she has personally tried and won a jury verdict on a frivolous case.  You can bet that the answer is a big, fat, ZERO.

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During the months of April – May, 2012, SEELEY LEGAL SERVICES is holding a “FAMILY ESTATE PLANNING PROMOTION.” For a limited time we are drastically discounting our fees for preparing simple wills and trusts. 

 The discounted fee for preparing one simple will is $299.  If you are married or in a partnership, the discounted fee for preparing two wills – one will for each spouse or partner is $499.  This is a big savings from our regular fee of $400/single will and $700 for two wills for both spouses or domestic partners.  All you have to do to take advantage of this special is to complete our ESTATE PLANNING GUIDE and return it with a check payable to SEELEY LEGAL SERVICES for the above quoted price.    

Based on the information which you provide us we will then prepare draft wills for you to review in our office.  In most cases it is possible for you to sign your wills on the same week that you come to our office.

The end of March has blown in several new clients!

We hope you will join our family of clients with legal problems in need of professional solutions!  Cases can be complex — or sometimes straight-forward.  Here is a summary of our newest cases:

1. Small claims probate.  Did you know that if a deceased person’s estate assets are $50,000 or less that we can do a simplified estate?  Give Attorney Bill Seeley a call at (612) 379-2440 if you or a relative are faced with this situation.  If the deceased person’s estate is larger than 50K, we can guide you through the estate process in another type of cost effective probate.

2. Wrongful death.  If a relative or friend is killed in an accident, we can help the surviving relatives make a claim against any persons or insurance companies insuring the at-fault party.  While a wrongful death is an extreme family tragedy, we are here to help your family in these difficult circumstances.

3.  Criminal defense.  Our newest attorney, Jason Ahn, brings 4 years of experience as a criminal prosecutor to the table.  If you or a friend have been charged with a crime (or even a DWI), we are ready to defend your rights.  Even a misdemeanor, such as domestic assault or careless driving, can have lasting, negative consequences.  Most employers do criminal background checks.  If you are tagged with a misdemeanor, you may be rejected from many types of jobs.  If you are an immigrant, all felony and many misdemeanor convictions are grounds for deportation.  Call Jason Ahn at (612) 379-2440 if you need a strong criminal defense attorney!