# 1 Complaint Against Lawyers

Clients’ # 1 complaint against the law firm they hired is that the law firm does not inform the client of what is going on with their case.  For some lawyers this is due to incompetence.  For others, it is due to the mentality that if everything is okay, there is no need to update the client.

Regardless of the reason, clients are often frustrated because unless they are regularly informed of what is going on with their case, they come to believe that the law firm is not doing anything or that the law firm does not care enough to inform the client.

At Seeley Legal Services, we operate on a different principle.  We regularly keep in touch with our clients because we know that they want to be informed at every stage; even if nothing is happening with their case.  Call Seeley Legal Services today and experience first-class client service at affordable rates.

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